Monday, September 13, 2010

A Dream. A Journey

It had been a frantic week. Being highly adept at procrastinating, I left it really late in clearing my room and preparing for my trip. As usual, I get the feeling that I was not properly prepared. While stuffing the infinite packs of clothings/gadgetry into my bulging backpack, I began to feel a confusing blend of feelings - excitement, apprehension, stress, uncertainty - all clamoring about in my poor subconscious mind.

My longest trip was a 2-month long adventure through the Karakoram Highway - a dream I had years ago, since reading about it and admiring wondrously at the pictures in books and online. It was a dream realized 6 years ago but really, humanity would not have progressed if we had stopped at only one dream. And so, I read about the magical Aurora Borealis, the exotic Trans Siberian railway, awe-inspiring Patagonia and even Antartica. And I dream...

Last year, a phenomenon appeared on youtube and on TV. Susan Boyle sang 'I dream a dream' in Britain's Got Talent show, and captured the world's attention. Sure, she sang beautifully, but I think there are more reasons for the phenomenal success. There is of course the stereotypical casting by the public on her appearance vs her performance. But deep down, the public fed on the affirmation that talent and success can come from the common folk, and that they too can attain their dreams. I think there is also a inspiration drawn on how a 50-year old is able to dream her dream and achieve it (and with such a fitting song!). And that our ability to pursue our dreams is not confined by age, but instead by our own discipline, perserverence and persistence. And daring to make the 1st step and try.

Travel dreams can be daunting. For someone who's already into "unclehood", the dream gets harder to fulfill, esp with my photography gears in tow, it is physically and mentally challenging (and of course, monetary challenged as well). But it is time to make my 1st step. This is Day Two of my Journey as I rambled on this blog entry in a Beijing hostel.

It had been a frantic week, punctuated with fitful and listless nights' sleep. But I had a wonderfully restful sleep last night. Perhaps the dreams are no longer in my sleep, but out there somwhere as I pursue it during the day.....


  1. heartfelt thoughts are always a good read :) all the best

  2. Hey my friend, what are the destinations this time. I am heading there (China) at the end of the year as well. Are you still there, somewhere?

  3. Hi Herbert,
    No will not be in China end year. Now on the Trans Siberian, then make my way down to central Europe, and then fly to South America for a couple of months....
    We can always talk more via email... :)

  4. Have started reading this blog at 3AM in Singapore, sleep eludes me and your blog is just too irresistible to ignore.

    Very very proud and very very happy for you.

    Well done, my friend. Can't wait to see you back in Singapore and hear all your experiences...

  5. Just discovered your blog...looks like a wonderful trip. Incidentally Sept 13 was also the day when I set out on a dream trip...2 weeks only, but driving some 3000 miles across the South West USA. Stopping to take in the sights and photography of Yosemite, Glenn Canyon, The Grand Canyon and the Californian coast. Now also being featured on my blog:

    With a few of my friends, we are also considering this epic train journey you took. And am reading the details...perhaps in a few years, we will also undertake this journey. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.

  6. Thanks Srini for your encouragement!!

    Thanks Peter for your well-wishes as well. And your drive trip looks fabulous! I love drive trips but am not a good driver. Yosemite is just so great, I am actually envious of u even though I am having a great trip!! :p

    You take care!

  7. Just read through your earliest few entries as I am planning the exact same thing currently! I am waiting to serve out my notice period and heading to Mongolia in early Sept. It's amazing you are still travelling - I hope I can last 6 months! "excitement, apprehension, stress, uncertainty" - you pretty much sum it up for me!! You should be my inspiration =)

  8. Hey, great that you are chasing your dream too! Well, I didn't know I could last 6 months as well, but as you go along, you grow stronger.
    I think there're alot more inspirational travelers out there, but thanks for reading my blog :) :)
    All the best, and although I did not stop at Mongolia for this trip, I went there some years back and its great!