Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Day 332 - 09.08.2011

I like to go to the mountains, you know? Not say I very fit or what, but I like to see mountains lor. Then now summer very hot, I buay tahan, so wherever got mountain I will chiong there. So in Georgia I go Svaneti and Kazbegi, but still very humid hot lor. But yesterday, I just come back from the KaƧkar mountain in Turkey. Wah! So different! Very cooling! So shiok!

But hor, keep raining and very very misty leh. So, bo bian lor, suay lor, can't really go and trek. But still, I really enjoy the weather, no need to sweat like pig. I got take short walks to see waterfalls lah, but never see the mountain top. Never mind lah, just nua in the village Ayder also good. This "village" quite tokkong lor... Wah lau eh, got Wifi in the guesthouse one! Nowadays, villages are very modern liao!

But I tell you ah, the most special mountain I've seen is when I only 3-4 years old. I just move to Telok Blangah. Wah, first mountain I see is Mount Faber! Haha, small ginna lah, dunno the world how big. But last time brain small, so the image stick longer. So to me, Mount Faber still special lor. Moreover, it's home!

Oh yah, at home it's National Day liao! I remember Singapore's National day ok? I quite patriotic one. How not to be patriotic? Kena tekan for two and a half years, and finish my whole reservist cycle leh. How not to be patriotic you tell me?? Wah lau, even those old national day songs I still can remember how to sing ah, dun pray pray ok? Aiyo, nowadays ah, the new national day songs quite lousy leh... make people go gaga the wrong way. Although I don't like Dick Lee, but his song sung by Kit Chan I think one of the best liao!

Alamak, see lah. Now think of home liao. But surprisingly, up to now, I never think of chicken rice or mee siam (no hum) leh! Only sometimes think of the lor mee at my market. Wah, I think next time go back Singapore cannot go out to eat alone liao. Cos will forget to bring tissue paper to chope seat :(. But I think last time when mata wear shorts that time, go travel long long sure miss family and friends at home. Cos got no internet that time mah, so very expensive to call back.

But hor, even with internet, still cannot vote :(. I wait so many donkey years, cos my area everytime walkover mah! Now finally got chance to vote but I overseas cannot vote :(! Buay tahan! L L man!. How I know wor! But like our ministers (who are paid many many peanuts) always like to say, "Let's move on!"

So hor, that's why its "Majulah Singapura!" lah! Haha!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

PS. For those international readers (if any) who doesn't know WTF I'm writing.... never mind lah! :).